Welcome to Iridescent Woods Jewelry

I’m Eric and my partner Jasmine. We are the owners and creators of Iridescent Woods Jewelry. We live and work in a small beautiful town in south of Malaysia and we ship our handmade jewelry to worldwide.

We love to design and do some handicraft ourselves. We also interested with some meaningful text, illustrations, inspirational and emotional sentences, brainy quotes and etc.
We believe that some illustrations and texts are worthy to be worn on our body since most of the messages are ‘speak to our heart’. It’s important to monitor our thoughts and expose ourselves to things that inspire our heart and motivate our soul to keep pushing forward to achieve our goals. In the mean time personalized custom made jewelry are really special ornament since there’s only one piece in the world. That’s the main reason we launched a special handmade jewelry.

Our tiny little earrings and pendants are wood slice bases. The wood slices are handcrafted from tree branches, a kind of sustainable material. Each wood slice is sanded down smoothly, coloring with lovely iridescence color effect on both sides and professionally printed with message and followed by hand-poured protective clear resin on front side to give a glass like finish. Finally we fit them with sterling silver earrings hook or earrings stud, bail, chain, clasp such earrings and necklaces fittings to make them a complete jewelry. All the wood slices will go thru every mentioned process and finally become a special handmade jewelry. Meaningful text, illustrations, silhouette, inscriptions, inspirational, brainy quotes or personalized message on the wood slices make our jewelry very unique; they present a different feel and effect. They are standout jewelry, cannot compare to fully metalwork jewelry.

Currently we use two base colors, iridescent blue-green tones and iridescent white-pink tones. The base colors accompanied by illustrations, silhouette or texts in black color which is universally accepted color. It’s simple, but quite distinctive, stylish and meaningful. We name our shop “Iridescent Woods” according to our jewelry feature. Iridescent mean varying in color when seen in different lights or from different angles. In future, we will create a greater variety of jewelry and accessories.

Let’s buy Iridescent Woods jewelry today. We hope you, your loved one and your gift receivers enjoy wearing the unique designs as much as we enjoy creating them! We appreciate and look forward to your continued support as we work toward improving our handmade jewelry.
Thanks for visiting our online shop. Please keep coming back to our online shop as the shop is growing daily along with you.

Thank you so much!
Eric and Jasmine
Owners & Creators

Owner & Creator

I’m Eric. I’m the owner and creator of Iridescent Woods Jewelry.