1. Necklace

Necklace Chain Length Sizes
Standard chain lengths for women

Standard necklace chains designed for women come in five basic lengths. For most women, these lengths will fall around the same place on the body. The standard lengths for women are:

16 inches (41 cm) – Falls perfectly around the base of the neck like a collar. On a petite woman it hangs loosely around the neck and falls just at the collarbone. On a plus size woman it might sit more like a choker.
18 inches (46 cm) – Princess length, a common choice for women. This length usually sits elegantly at the collarbone.
20 inches (51 cm) – Matinee length, which usually extends just a bit below the collarbone.
22 inches (56 cm) – Falls at or just above the top of the bust.
24 inches (61 cm) – For a necklace that falls around the bust.

Standard chain lengths for men

Necklace chains designed for men come in three basic sizes. Like women’s necklaces, men’s necklaces usually fall around the same place on each man. The standard lengths for men’s necklaces are:

18 inches (46 cm) – For men with smaller neck sizes. This length should come down to the base of the neck.
20 inches (51 cm) – The most common length for the average man, which comes down to the collarbone.
24 inches (61 cm) – For a necklace that comes down to a point just above the sternum.

Children’s necklaces have separate standards

Children are typically smaller in height and frame, so the standard sizes for necklace lengths vary from adult standards. Most necklaces made for children fall within a single range: 14 to 16 inches (36 to 41 cm).

2. Ring

How to find your perfect Ring size

Measure your finger with a flexible measuring tape and convert the measurement using a ring size chart or ruler. (Refer to the ‘Ring Sizes Chart-01’ below)

Method 1 – Measure your finger with a measuring tape

Compare the length to determine your ring size. If yours are between sizes, order the larger size.

Alternatively, if you already own a great-fitting ring, the process is even easier! You can get your size by comparing your ring to a circular sizing chart. (Refer to the ‘Ring Sizes Chart-02’ below)

Method 2 – Measure the internal Diameter of a ring you currently own

Measure a ring that fits you or your intended recipient. Place a ring that fits you over the circle making sure the inside of the ring lines up with the outside of the circle. If yours are between sizes, order the larger size.

Choose a great-fitting ring—one that fits snugly, but isn’t too tight. Make sure the ring fits the correct finger; even your two ring fingers can be different sizes! If you’re stuck between two close sizes, go for the larger size.

The average woman’s ring size is about 10-13. The average man’s ring size is about 15-18. If you require a different size than listed or know your finger circumference measurements, please write in the Note to us when you purchase your ring and we will make it in your size.

3. Bracelet

How to find your perfect Bracelet size

If you are buying a delicate bracelet with a thin chain, we suggest doing a snug fit. Most other bracelets should have a comfort fit except when buying large or thick cuffs or bangles. The popular woman bracelet size is M, and L usually fits the average man. XS usually fits infant or kids. If there is no size option, please refer to the product description for the measurement.

Measuring your wrist

To determine your bangle size, follow these steps:
Measure your wrist with a flexible tape measurements or a strip of paper just below the wrist bone, where you would normally wear the bracelet.

Bracelet Sizes

Refer to the chart below for a basic guideline to bracelet sizes: